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A – Z American States Cuisine: Arkansas

Vegetarian Taco Salad / Glaized Green Beans

Source Source

Once again my friends who were the guinea pigs for Arizona day came round for a taste of Arkansas. The first dish up was a market festival salad I found from an Arkansas blogger, which got very good reviews from my friends. When I tried it again (see below) I used fresh chillies to give an extra kick. The glaized green beans were an excellent accompaniment, and I took advice from the original recipe and cut down the amount of brown sugar in the mix.

arkansas (3)

Company’s Comin’ Pie


In 1986, Arkansas celebrated its statehood Sesquicentennial with the theme “Company’s Comin’.” In honor of the occasion, the Company’s Comin’ pie offered by The Cliff House Inn and Restaurant was named the “official” Sesquicentennial pie. The inn, which overlooks the Grand Canyon of the Ozarks in Jasper along the national Scenic 7 Byway, graciously shares the recipe.

This was the first dessert to get mixed reviews by the eating team. I loved this, the base was almost like flapjack, topped with cream and peaches. However, most people thought it was a bit weird. Their words not mine.

arkansas (1)

My own concotion

arkansas (2)

I made the Arkansas Salad again this weekend for my sister’s halloween party. I added further fresh chilli, radish and pepper. The next day we added some Quorn chunks and made wraps. They were proper bo.



A – Z American States Cuisine: Arizona

Part three of our tour of American and we head south to Arizona. I chose kidney bean chimichangas with a sumptious salsa and shredded salad with sour cream for the main.


Indian Fry Bread with Ice Cream & Bananas with Orange Caramel Sauce

This is apparently a Native American recipe. Does diabetes run high in Arizona? This was the first dish on this adventure that truly felt American, the entire recipe is a mountain of sugar and only two of us managed to finish what was allegedly a portion. See the photos below for the aftermath, which involved us all laughing uncontrollably for about half an hour.


image image image

Next up, ARKANSAS!

A – Z American States Cuisine: Alaska

Part 2 of my USA food trip and we travel up to the cold, cold oil rich foresty tundra wonderness that is Alaska.

I also would like to go into a bit of what these posts are all about. Basically, my beautiful wife has done a lot of experimental cooking in the home and although I hold my own, I must admit I tend to make the same food over and over again. I was inspired to look to American for some new recipes because a lot of my internet friends are from the States and I always envy a lot of what they’re eating. I tend to cook these dishes on a Saturday for my wife, but other people will get to taste them. This weekend, our board game group (rock and roll) will be trying Arizona. Check out my twitter  for some live time photos and comments etc.

So anyway, back on topic. Alaska. After much research I discovered that the majority of Alaskan cuisine involves fish and the odd seal which of course is out, because everything I’m making will be vegetarian. Did I mention that? Whoops.

For the main I plumped for a “Moose Borsch”, a traditional soupy broth normally infused with moose meat. For my dish I replaced the moose with quorn steak strips, which went in the recipe a lot later. I stuck to simmering the beetroots and carrots in water for  a while, then removed these, adding potato, cabbage and beans. The strips and shredded carrot and beet go back in with tomato puree and bay leaf to taste. Served with sour cream and bread. Original Recipe.

This was definitely a success and we had it the next day as well. It is certainly VERY filling and very much for the winter. Which is useful as the UK, especially Manchester, is cold. Most of the time.





Tongass Forest Cookies

Tongass Nationa Forest is situated in Southern Alaska and this recipe is inspired from this blog post. The recipe was originally found from a traditional recipe on a baking tour of America. I omitted the coconut flakes and used rice krispies instead of cocoa pops. This is HIGHLY recommended, I absolutely love these cookies, they are big, brash and very filling. I said to my wife I could imagine you pocketing several of these and heading out into the Alaskan wilderness and surviving purely on the sugar alone.



Next week: Arizona. 

A – Z American States Cuisine: Alabama

Ahoy there!

First up, we are heading to the deep South for some dishes from Alabama. The Southern Alabama Pecan Pie was definitely the star performer. Look at all the sugar in it; how could it possibly fail? It had a lovely deep flavour and you are safe in the knowledge that should diabetic coma be induced you at least had a fantastic last dessert.

The Deep Fried Tomatoes (which in hindsight sound like a terrible folk band) were nice. I used red beef tomatoes as I couldn’t find any green ones and all the ones in our plot have ripened. They worked well in the fryer, considering all the reviews said that red tomatoes fall apart. That being said, the batter I made was not convincing and ended up being pretty thin; although flavoursome.



100g Brown Sugar

100g Granulated Sugar

2 eggs

200ml Golden Syrup

3 tablespoons butter

100g Pecan nuts

9′ Shortcrust Sweet Pastry.


Deep Fried Tomatoes (with Sour Cream and Chive Dip)