Nanowrimo 2014 – Let’s get on the torture rack again

by robertcmackle

It’s November so it’s Nanowrimo again. I’ve tried and failed four years in a row and this year may be no exception. However, I have to give it a go again!

My nanowrimo page lists all my previous attempts. I would be proud of all these books if I had actually finished them or got past the planning stage. When I welcome a stint of long term unemployment I will be able to finish them all off.

This year I have a cunning plan. In my spare spare time, apart from designing card and board games, I write jokes. In fact I’ve got a spreadsheet of googleproofed, twitterchecked bonafide GRADE A puns and jokes. There is little chance of me making it as a stand up comedian, so what better way of putting them to use by crowbarring them into a novel?!

A deadpan comedian is forced to perform a never ending set by a crazed fan in front of a live studio audience. If he does not make them laugh enough they will all die. Oh, and he has to come up with new material on the spot. And they all have to be puns.