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Month: November, 2014

A – Z American States Cuisine: California

California Grilled Vege Sandwich with tofu avocado salad.

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California is such a gigantic state that I could not do it justice with two dishes. However, the two I chose I was very happy with. The avocado salad was very easy to put together and was refreshing, certainly one of the better uses of tofu I have found.

The grilled vege sandwiches were absolutely lovely. The garlic mayo feta base was divine and the grilled veges had just enough black to add that hint of bbq. These went down very well with the missus.




Warm Lemon Pudding Cakes


STOP PRESS: These are the best puddings i have ever made. Of course I could not use Meyer lemons as intended (organisation skills and budget) so bog standard British lemons (or wherever they’ve been imported from lol) were used. The method was surprisingly easy. The ingredients made six normal sized ramekins.

A word of warning. These puds are like crack. Seriously, we both ate two the night I made them and then polished them off the next night. I’m already dreaming of when I can next make these.



Next week: Colorado.


Nanowrimo 2014 – Let’s get on the torture rack again

It’s November so it’s Nanowrimo again. I’ve tried and failed four years in a row and this year may be no exception. However, I have to give it a go again!

My nanowrimo page lists all my previous attempts. I would be proud of all these books if I had actually finished them or got past the planning stage. When I welcome a stint of long term unemployment I will be able to finish them all off.

This year I have a cunning plan. In my spare spare time, apart from designing card and board games, I write jokes. In fact I’ve got a spreadsheet of googleproofed, twitterchecked bonafide GRADE A puns and jokes. There is little chance of me making it as a stand up comedian, so what better way of putting them to use by crowbarring them into a novel?!

A deadpan comedian is forced to perform a never ending set by a crazed fan in front of a live studio audience. If he does not make them laugh enough they will all die. Oh, and he has to come up with new material on the spot. And they all have to be puns. 

A – Z American States Cuisine: Arkansas

Vegetarian Taco Salad / Glaized Green Beans

Source Source

Once again my friends who were the guinea pigs for Arizona day came round for a taste of Arkansas. The first dish up was a market festival salad I found from an Arkansas blogger, which got very good reviews from my friends. When I tried it again (see below) I used fresh chillies to give an extra kick. The glaized green beans were an excellent accompaniment, and I took advice from the original recipe and cut down the amount of brown sugar in the mix.

arkansas (3)

Company’s Comin’ Pie


In 1986, Arkansas celebrated its statehood Sesquicentennial with the theme “Company’s Comin’.” In honor of the occasion, the Company’s Comin’ pie offered by The Cliff House Inn and Restaurant was named the “official” Sesquicentennial pie. The inn, which overlooks the Grand Canyon of the Ozarks in Jasper along the national Scenic 7 Byway, graciously shares the recipe.

This was the first dessert to get mixed reviews by the eating team. I loved this, the base was almost like flapjack, topped with cream and peaches. However, most people thought it was a bit weird. Their words not mine.

arkansas (1)

My own concotion

arkansas (2)

I made the Arkansas Salad again this weekend for my sister’s halloween party. I added further fresh chilli, radish and pepper. The next day we added some Quorn chunks and made wraps. They were proper bo.