A – Z American States Cuisine: Alabama

by robertcmackle

Ahoy there!

First up, we are heading to the deep South for some dishes from Alabama. The Southern Alabama Pecan Pie was definitely the star performer. Look at all the sugar in it; how could it possibly fail? It had a lovely deep flavour and you are safe in the knowledge that should diabetic coma be induced you at least had a fantastic last dessert.

The Deep Fried Tomatoes (which in hindsight sound like a terrible folk band) were nice. I used red beef tomatoes as I couldn’t find any green ones and all the ones in our plot have ripened. They worked well in the fryer, considering all the reviews said that red tomatoes fall apart. That being said, the batter I made was not convincing and ended up being pretty thin; although flavoursome.



100g Brown Sugar

100g Granulated Sugar

2 eggs

200ml Golden Syrup

3 tablespoons butter

100g Pecan nuts

9′ Shortcrust Sweet Pastry.


Deep Fried Tomatoes (with Sour Cream and Chive Dip)