Nanowrimo 2013 Day 6 (6584 words)

by robertcmackle

Talk about a time to focus minds…

I’m six days in and several thousand words behind but that’s no problem, I haven’t officially given up (previous years I’ve made it to about day 3), I’m pacing myself!

Fortunately there is a minor chess event occuring from this Saturday which should prove an inspiration for the rest of the month:

The world chess championship between current champ Vishy Anand and the 22 year old challenger Magnus Carlsen, current world number one. Most consider the current world champion as the underdog, because he is 95 rating points behind the young genius Carlesen. I would go along with that summary, I can’t see Carlsen bottling it. Anand might scrape one win (7-5 is my official prediction).

At the same time the supercomputer tournament TCEC is ongoing and is down to the super 6 semi finals. 30 rounds of hot computer on computer action. This is relevant to my plot, as the main character develops an unhealthy interest in our future AI overlords.