Some convincing chess names

by robertcmackle

I don’t want to use real people in my chess novel, but those who are retired or are so famous it hurts may be included, if they don’t directly affect the plot. For example, I can’t claim Anatoly Karpov used a super computer to win the 1978 World Chess Championship, but check out the wiki page, some of the other claims are crazy.

It seems that should be the go to website for making up convincing sounding chess names. It hosts every grandmaster ever to grace the chequered board and most, if not all of their games.

So here are some stabs at convincing chess names:

Petyr Selko
Borislav Miravic
Nahum Valilov
Stepan Evseyev
Vladimir Yuriev
Anatoly Kumarov

I’m all ears!