Oh dear…

It would appear that I have not posted in a long time. Not that anyone has actually visited this blog in the intervening period. Anyhoo, with a bit of luck I may actually start posting content again, specifically to do with the two novels I am writing simultaneously

Two??!! I hear ya cries.

Well as i have managed a grand total of zero novels in my entire 29 years of existence, I am planning two, to make up for this fact.

The first is an idea I have had for some time about a man who has in his possession (for mysterious spookyio reasons) a machine that allows him to be God. Not the old man with beard and sandals, no, God in some virtual existence. Or is it?! A tale with some intriguing prospects and also one foot dipped into a possible future – after all invented reality is getting closer with each computer development – only a matter of time methinks. Its an exploration about what someone, or lots of people would do inside such a machine. Would real life morals hold sway or would people become demonic murderers overnight?

The second novel is set in a world which has stopped spinning. It’s a vaguely fantastical fantasy world and I’m trying to work out how such a society would arrange itself should day and night not really exist. This is also the world in which my most terrifying creation yet exists, the watertalkers. I’m looking at how something that perhaps does not exist could shape society due its supposed terror…

I will be posting snippets on the blog, for the Hull-of it. I would like comments, feedback, anything. Nothing will be particularly polished, just fresh off the typewriter. Or Ipad.