Begin the begin.

by robertcmackle

I’m going to be posting regularly all my short stories for “cake.shortandsweet” which seems innocent enough. The Wednesday write ins have pretty tight deadlines which I will never meet. Issue deadlines seem fair enough. But I will try each weekly challenge to keep my writing going. Like I’ve said on facebook, I have an Ipad now, a 2 hour commute each day and fingers. There is no reason not to do this shit.

The short below is based on their Issue 6 challenge “thought” and I’ve taken it as a literal. The post is the first draft – I don’t really have a clue where it is going. I’ve also rather screwed myself over by starting out with a promise, a last original thought. I haven’t worked out what that would be yet – perhaps I don’t need to.

I’ve also got my novel on the go; for once my idea has structure, a beginning and an end and seemingly endless possibilities. At least in my head. Again, I’m making no promises to “do” nanowrimo this year. Nor will I be telling anyone about anything until I’ve actually done something. I’ve talked the talk, now it’s time to type the type.